We’ve been busy turning our house into a home. While we have big plans, they will take a while. Currently, we are down to 0 boxes(!) and everything is beginning to find a place. Not everything is perfect and the paint colors are still crazy, but slowly this place is starting to feel like home.  Currently, I am LOVING our Dining Room. Below is a walk through if you are interested.

While this room will eventually be painted, I’m kind of obsessed with how it’s turning out. The built-in is one of my favorite features of this room. I styled it with some champagne accessories, our teapot collection, and the Unity Candle from our wedding. I love that all the pieces have some meaning. The antique ice bucket my mom gave me when I turned 21, and the champagne flutes are from Alan’s grandparents.
I also adore the dining room table; we finally have enough room to open the table’s leaves and let it shine in all its glory. The table is a hand-me-down from my parents. I remember them buying this table when we lived England and I believe it used to grace the dining room of a monastery. Or maybe that is a made up memory from childhood? Either way, I always think of monks when we sit at the table. We styled it with a geometric patterned table runner, rocks, and some vanilla candles. It’s got a bohemian/ mid-century vibe that I can’t get enough of.
The walls I left pretty plain, as the vibrant red color is really its own standout. However, I did put up the chalkboard sign from our wedding and a print of a antique martini ad. I feel like I’m in a cozy restaurant (chillin’ with cool monks) whenever we eat in here.