Typography Poster Roundup #2

by Alan

Great examples of typographic posters from the web. As you can see, I really dig minimal designs with great use of negative space.

[singlepic id=155 w=360 h=280 float=center]
This poster excels at its fantastic use of minimalism in design.  The subtle complimentary color scheme and great use of negative space help balance the composition.   The strong diagonal elements in this composition really make the poster.   I really enjoy the retro feel to the image which creates a mental image of italian vespas for some reason for me =)

Courtesy of Network Osaka

[singlepic id=154 w=360 h=280 float=center]
Street art from Berlin.  Texture really makes this “quick and dirty” poster pop and stand out.  Both the vertical and horizontal repetition of the letters creates the structure of the “tower”.   Due to the poster being ripped and torn, the placement of the letters could also represent a structure that’s crumbling down.  The placement on the brick wall really helps drive home the “tower” aspect of the poster.

Courtesy of Street Art Berlin

[singlepic id=156 w=360 h=280 float=center]
This poster uses excellent linework and a simple, yet bold in-your face color scheme to communicate.  Courtesy of Network Osaka

Typogranostra Typepic Typography

Courtesy of Grapplica