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In Which We Become Observed And Frost Our Windows

Adding window film.

Friends, we love our neighborhood. It has such a friendly vibe and we love meeting our neighbors when we are out walking our dogs. However, we also love our privacy. One thing that drew us to the house was the high fences surrounding the backyard. Sweet privacy at last! However, the universe laughed at such dreams and less then a week after we moved into our new home, the neighbors behind our house built a two story playhouse. This playhouse looks right into our yard and into our Family Room. Alan and I have started calling it the Observation Deck, since…

The Dining Room

image1 (1)

We’ve been busy turning our house into a home. While we have big plans, they will take a while. Currently, we are down to 0 boxes(!) and everything is beginning to find a place. Not everything is perfect and the paint colors are still crazy, but slowly this place is starting to feel like home.  Currently, I am LOVING our Dining Room. Below is a walk through if you are interested.

The Adventure Begins….

Front Room

Friends, we’ve had some BIG life changes around here. Alan and I bought a house! It’s a beautiful 1950s Ranch style house in downtown Phoenix. The bones are great, but it needs some serious work. The paint colors are all wrong, each room is its own color. We have purple, yellow, red, blue, green, cream, nothing is cohesive. We also have a host of electric, roofing, and plumbing issues and a fireplace straight out of The Shining. Regardless, we are ready and excited for this new adventure. Check out some photos if you would like: